Traffic Authority Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  What sort of “traffic” will my customers and team be buying?



With Traffic Authority, you’re getting Premium Email Traffic as well as other premium Internet traffic from media buys, exclusive display ads, and some trade secret sourced traffic.


Specifically we’ve set up exclusive deals with the world’s top email traffic providers who promote your offer to their active subscribers which are directed through Traffic Authority's quality control system and once approved the click is aimed at your specific website URL in real time.


Our traffic is 100% USA and Canada based and we also produce our own traffic so we can keep costs low for you and your customers... and maintain the high quality.



Q:  How can you provide so much traffic?  Will you be able to keep up?



No matter how much traffic you need, we’ve got you covered.


We have delivered over 5 million clicks in a single month for our clients and didn’t even scratch the surface of what’s possible.


When you partner with us, you’ll never have to worry about your traffic or income potential being limited again and no matter how large your order is, the quality will always be the same.


This is what also allows us to control how often an offer is seen by their lists so you get the highest quality traffic possible. We also do our own in ­house traffic generation to drive the price down as low as possible.



 Q:  How quickly will traffic start after ordering?



When you place an order, your traffic will start delivering within the first 24 hours, guaranteed.  Since we’re constantly generating traffic and testing the quality of our publishers, we have the ability to start every order right when it’s made and give you complete control of your traffic.


Even better?


You can change your link, stop, or start your order any time you like and measure your results in real time.



Q: What sort of guarantees do you provide?



With traffic we guarantee that you’ll get the visitors to your website (“clicks”) that you purchase. 


There are no guarantees on sales or leads because every website is different, plus we’re sending real, live visitors, so there is a human element that is impossible to predict.


Here’s what we do to make sure those visitors are the most relevant and targeted for your offer.


1 - We put all our traffic providers through a rigorous testing period where they need to produce amazing results on our internal offers to even qualify to send traffic to our clients.


2 - Then we continue monitoring their traffic every single day to ensure you’re never paying more than the traffic is actually worth.


3 - We also require them to add thousands of new subscribers daily to ensure that the lists are always fresh and every click you generate is of the highest quality.




When you promote Traffic Authority ­­ especially during this pre­launch, you have the answers you’ll likely get from your list, prospects on social media and anyone who want just a bit more information before committing.




Know that when we go LIVE you’ll have the top traffic providers working FOR YOU and that you can confidently use, and resell (and profit from) the traffic and resources we’ve put together inside Traffic Authority for you.


So right now login to your back office, get your partner link and share it with everyone you know before they hear about this from someone else!


There’s only ONE Pre­Launch and in this business...


TIMING is everything.


So email your list with the swipe copy we’ve provided and let’s ROCK THIS!




When you become a Traffic Authority reseller, you will get access to all the tools you need to start your own online traffic brokerage business.


We give you...


* All the websites, tools, and training you need to promote, convert and maintain a thriving highly profitable business (with commissions of ALL levels -- from $20 all the way to $4,000 commissions ← THAT is sexy.)


* Access to the most powerful payment plan you’ll ever see called “Infinite Leverage” where you earn commissions on ALL your sales ­­ say goodbye to missing sales because of Pass-Ups and say hello to TRUE leveraged income.


* HUGE commissions on our traffic store, traffic optimizer, and traffic academy products...


PLUS you can earn income from your customers over and over, forever!


So right now while we’re still in the pre­launch phase...


Get immediately plugged the our system for building a traffic business faster than you ever dreamed possible!


If you have any questions or concerns, the best way to get answers is by logging in and visiting the support center.


They’ll be happy to answer your questions and get you sorted out.

Traffic Authority Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How long does it take for my order to start? 

Your traffic will start within 24 hours from when you place your order. If your order is placed during normal business hours, many times it will start almost immediately; (less than 1 hour). The reason first-time orders are delayed is this; we verify every website is working before we begin sending any traffic to it. This way no traffic is ever wasted due to a non-working website. 

2. How long will my order take to complete? 

All orders, (smallest to largest) will be completed within 7 to 14 days. 

3. Where does CPC Broker’s traffic come from? 

Our traffic comes from email marketing. We work with only the highest quality list owners of true opt-in and buyer data. This provides the highest quality responses, best conversion rates, and highest sales rates possible. 

4. What countries does support with their traffic? 

All of our Internet traffic comes from the United States and Canada (98% US 2% Canada). All other foreign traffic is redirected, providing you with the highest quality possible. 

5. What type of traffic does provide? 

100% of our traffic is targeted to potential home based business owners and those desiring to earn a substantial income from home. 

6. How well will your traffic convert on my lead capture website? 

Although the quality of your lead capture squeeze page is important, we have found that our traffic conversions average between 10% - 20% from click to opt-in lead. Some very high quality pages convert better while others may convert lower. For example lower conversions may be due to the overall look and quality of the graphics on the website, the message in the text or font size and color theme, and more entries on the form such as phone number or address will decrease conversions as well. 

It is recommended that all traffic be directed to your lead capture page and never sent directly to a corporate sales presentation website. This way if someone does not purchase your product, service, or business today… you have the opportunity to invite your prospect back to your marketing funnel with your auto-responder to further increase your sales rates. Building your own email list has tremendous future value well into the future. 

7. How many sales will I make? 

Although it is not possible for us to guarantee sales, we have found that 1% -5% of opt-in leads will convert into sales through a well-designed marketing funnel. It is important to state that you may not receive any sales from your campaign. You will however see activity to your site, opt-in leads flowing into your contact manager and auto-responder, which will move your business in a positive direction. 

8. Do I need to write my own ad copy? 

No! uses professional written ad copy to create the best possible conversions. All marketing is done for you by our team of traffic & conversion experts. All you do is place your order and we send quality business opportunity clicks directly to your website in real-time. 

9. What features does have inside there back-office system? 

You will be provided with your own back-office to better manage your campaigns. From your back-office you will be able to edit (change) your lead capture page anytime you wish. You will also have the ability to pause your traffic and restart at will. You can even set a daily limit to better control the pace and time duration of your campaigns. 

10. How do I get the best results using 

Select the package that best matches your budget and marketing plan. Confirm that your lead capture page is working as well as your auto-responder. It’s highly recommended that you test both of them prior to purchasing and traffic from Then and only then should you make the decision to get started! 

11. Why is the "Better than other advertising sources". 

We really are different from other online advertising companies. Although our name is we could literally be called "Your CPC Partner." We actually use 20% to 50% of the traffic we generate for our own business. You literally share in the exact same highest quality traffic sources that have taken us 14 years to accumulate. 

Of course, there are no magic bullets when utilizing cold-market advertising. You should know that there is a high chance that you will spend more on advertising than you receive in return for the sales that you will make. However, if you do not have a team from a previous network marketing company or a huge rolodex of sales leads… we offer an excellent solution for anyone, regardless if you're an Internet marketing veteran or absolute beginner. 

You will notice the quality difference in our traffic as well. You will also find world-class customer service with, as we answer our phone, return calls, and respond to emails within 24 hours. 

12. Why do I sometimes see Duplicate IP's in my admin area?. 

ISP's like AOL, Yahoo, and gmail, as well as some cable providers share IP's with multiple customers. 

Each time you log into a service and log out if the ISP uses dynamic IP's. That same customer would actually be using a different IP on their next session while another customer on that service could be using the same IP from another customers session from earlier.

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